Club Members

By | November 6, 2020

Our club has been established since 1965. In that time there has been many members through our books. We are a proud club and below you will find a list of those members who have agreed to have their name and call appear on this list.
This list is not exhaustive.

John Mi0 WJC
ColinGi1 RSR
Jamie2i0 FVX
GeoffGi0 LAM
AndrewMi7 ELJ
DavidMi7 DLD
Keith 2i0 KXM
Dave2i0 SJV
Peter2i0 WKY
JonMi6 XGZ
Joe Mi0 NWA
AndrewGi0 VGV
LouisMi0 RLR
LesGi1 BZT
AaronMi7 NWA
William2i0 WMN
DavyMi0 IRZ
Andrew2i0 NGM
DeclanMi7 DEC
William2i0 WBU
MartinMi7 FNY
George Gi4 SJQ
NoelMi6 NCG
MoiraMi7 RPP
StanleyGi3 WTG
WilliamMi0 TLG