Foundation Licence

If you are reading this the chances are that you have an interest in Amateur Radio.  Your first step is to obtain your Foundation Licence.

This will allow working other local hams on VHF/UHF and world-wide on the most frequently used HF amateur bands, without supervision, up to a power of 10 Watts. 

When you’ve passed your exam, you apply for your Foundation licence on the Ofcom website; your licence is free of charge. 

Foundation Licence Exam

The Foundation exam is the gateway to amateur radio. The course is run by local club volunteers. 

We run our Foundation courses in a fun, informal learning environment. It consists of a practical evening followed by a 12 hour theory study class that takes place over a Friday night and Saturday. We hold a registration and information night before the course starts we those interested can ask questions as well as complete their application form.The Foundation course costs £55 (£45 for juniors)  which includes your training, exam fee and MUARC membership.

During the training you will have the opportunity to operate different radio equipment. 

You shouldn’t be put off by the thoughts of an exam. The Foundation exam is very straight forward with just 26 multiple choice questions that are completed in 55 minutes.

Exam papers are sent away to be marked by the RSGB but the invigilating team will perform indicative marking on the night and give you an idea of your result.