Shack Rules

  1. Please be prepared to present a current MUARC membership card, if demanded by the gateman at the main entrance to Turkington’s yard. (Membership cards are available for all Members from Davy, Mi0IRZ).
    • Care should be exercised when travelling throughout the Turkington complex. Members are requested to respect our access privileges and are asked not to stray off the obvious routes to and from the Club’s premises.
    • Turkington’s have a speed limit of 10 mph while on site. This is to be observed by everyone. No exceptions.
  2. The shack may be used at any time; however the main gate opening times are from 7am to 6:30pm. For Safety reasons, if using the club out of normal hours or at any time on your own, a key holder should be informed by voice or text message before visiting the shack and as soon as your visit has ended.
  3. On arrival at the Club premises please:
    • Check that the area and buildings are safe to enter. Persons use the premises at their own risk.
    • On entering the shack please check that the mains electricity is on. The blue switch on the consumer unit, behind the door, should be in the ‘ON’ position. If it has tripped try to reset it once only. If it continues to trip report the problem to another key-holder or seek expert help, leaving a note on the radio desk of the problem and what actions have been taken.
  4. Users should be familiar with the equipment within and around the shack and should be aware of the dangers associated with its use. New users should be accompanied by a more aware Member. If you do not know how to use something, don’t use it until you do know. Ask another member to show you how to use something if you don’t know how to use it.
  5. Shack users are encouraged to sign the ‘Users’ Register’, found on the right of the radio desk.
  6. Operation of the radio equipment is conditional on relevant licensing conditions.
    • The Club call-sign MN0 VFW can only be used by a Member with a Full call or by others while supervised by a Full call holder who is a Member.
    • Unsupervised operation is conditional on the individual’s own licensing restrictions.
    • All radio operators should be competent in the use of the equipment. If unsure seek advice.
    • It is important that the correct antenna is selected and prepared for the selected band.
  7. On closing down, all equipment should be switched off, with the exception of the fridge and the external security lights. Especially check that NO heaters are left on.
  8. The shack should be left clean and tidy, with any dishes, etc. used cleaned, dried and put away. On leaving make sure all buildings are locked and any security grills are secured in place.