Full Licence

You have worked hard to get you Intermediate Licence, and maybe you are ready now to take on the UK’s ultimate amateur radio qualification: the top exam leading to the issuing of a Full Licence!  Many privileges and responsibilities come with a Full Licence, including a 400 watt power limit, use of additional bands (including 60m) as well extended microwave frequencies. You may also operate in many other countries without further formal application.

Advanced Exam

MUARC is a RSGB  authorised exam centre and the exam can be taken at MUARC premises. A month’s notice is required for setup.

The Advanced exam is required to obtain your Full Licence and you must have passed the Intermediate exam before taking it.  

The technical exam requires serious study for success, so you must be prepared to invest a good amount of time and effort in your studies. When studying for this top level exam there is no requirement to take a formal training course as the examination is entirely theory based, with no practical training element.

Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club can provide a venue, mentors and experienced operators to assist you as required.

The cost of the exam is £40. You should also be Club member.

Assessment is by a written or online examination paper of 58 multiple choice questions each with four possible responses. The exam lasts two hours.  Full examinations completed on paper are not locally marked but sent to RSGB headquarters for electronic marking. Those candidates sitting the examination online will receive their results at the end of the examination together with detailed feedback upon their performance.

Results for paper based exams will be issued six working days after receipt, and also sent to Ofcom.