Mid Ulster ARC Membership

At the Mid Ulster ARC we have a few options when it comes to club membership. Membership for amateurs in Northern Ireland is priced at £20.00 per 12 months from September to August. If you are under 18 or in full time education no matter what age you are, membership is free but you must… Read More »

MUARC Contact Update

Folks, If you are a member could you please fill in this form to keep our records up to date and compliant with GDPR. On this form, you will also find details on a members list and database which is completely optional. Thanks Team MUARC https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeR8DGQAo9oSaiP2o5HuC5AUHUeST4epuSxnCAQjlRVUgNK1A/viewform?embedded=true

Election of Club Officers and committee members for 2020/2021

The club AGM was held this afternoon (13th September) and after reports from our outgoing Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, a very brief awards ceremony, the election took place of club officers and committee members took place. Those elected were – • Chair Dave Parkinson 2i0SJV• Deputy Chair George Frazer Gi4SJQ • Secretary Jamie Robinson 2i0FVX•… Read More »

Tuesday Night Lecture 25/08/20

Hello folks, Advanced notice that our next Tuesday Night Lecture is on the 25th via the zoom platform and the topic is “Contesting 101 and setting up N1MM” by club member and TNLS Team member George Gi4SJQ The TNLS is hosted via Zoom and starts at 7 pm with the presentation starting at 7:10 pm… Read More »


For those of you who have been following along our videos from the clubs Tuesday Night Lecture Series it has not got a lot easier. You can go to www.youtube.com/muarcmedia and that will bring you to our Youtube channel with all our previous lecture videos and much more content in the pipeline. Visit the channel,… Read More »

50MHz/70MHz diplexer, part 2

I bought a NanoVNA to properly measure the 6m/4m diplexer. The results were mixed: So, testing the 70MHz high pass showed that there was 22dB attenuation at 50MHz. Not too bad! I could try adjusting the coils for more attenuation, but there was no de-sense on the 4m radio So I’m happy to leave it… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Talk Links

Following tonight’s excellent talk on the Raspberry Pi, by Mike Richards G4WNC, the links used in the presentation are now posted at:http://muarc.com/raspberry-pi

50MHz/70MHz diplexer

I don’t have a huge garden for an antenna farm, so most of my antenna experiments are located in the attic. Also keeping the neighbours happy, and most importantly, the station manager happy, is a priority! I have several runs of RG213 and RG58 into the attic, but wanted to be able to use 4m… Read More »

MUARC Tuesday Night Lecture Series

Since the pandemic started and the lockdown came into force, the club has started a Tuesday Night Lecture Series. This is a series that will have different topics by numerous speakers from all over the UK and further afield using the platform Zoom. We kick off with some sociable chat on Tuesday evenings at 7… Read More »

RSGB Tonight @ 8 Webinars

As another part of the national ‘Get on the air to care’ campaign with the NHS, this series of live webinars will cover a range of topics and help you to gain more enjoyment from amateur radio. The ‘Tonight @ 8’ webinars will be live-streamed, allowing you to watch the presentations and ask questions online.… Read More »